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Don’t feel like reviewing a million projects just to find out that only one of these projects actually has a good team, offers a real solution and has a valid white paper? 

It’s time to sit back, relax and let Cryptomizers do this hard work for you!

Our approach

Ever wondered what blockchain project you should invest in? Cryptomizers advises investors in trustworthy businesses that have been thoroughly researched. We only focus on excisting entities implementing blockchain, disruptive technologies combined with blockchain and platforms or ecosystems with a proper blockchain use-case. We take care of due dillegence and we make sure that we only suggest projects that match your specific porftolio. 

Benefits for Investors

Expertise within three main types of business

We share the same interests as you do. We want to help blockchain technology become the new industry standard. We only focus on blockchain solutions in combination with other disruptive technologies like AI and IoT, platforms and ecosystems

Hallmark for reliable, transparent and high quality projects

We decided to become a hallmark for quality, reliability and transparency within the world of blockchain. We’ve established a legal entity in the Netherlands and we’re taking the right measures within our application process to ensure our projects will match your portfolio

Five criteria eacht project should have

In order to meet your high quality standard, we make sure that all the projects that we work with meet at least our five criteria and take part in our obligated video calls to create certainty while finding new clients to work with. Wonder what our criteria are?

Discover all our advantages in the investors lounge.

Our partners

Througout the past few years we’ve collaborated with a large amount of partners in different sorts of areas in order to reach our goals together.

" Competition makes us faster, collabortation makes us better "
Fyrefly - 2013

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